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My primary, full-time job is with Milkbox but I also maintain several websites for a couple of long term clients and provide SMS Services to businesses.
Occasionally I also offer advisory services or venture on small freelance projects.

I graduated with a B.Sc.I.T. (Hons.) degree in 2003 and have since worked in different I.T. sectors. The diversity of projects I've worked on and different technologies I've used is one of my strongest assets.

At work, both employers and colleagues find I am a loyal and dedicated worker. I try my best to follow good coding principles and my work is usually seen as organized, neat and understandable.

Apart from programming, I am also good with clients and can handle projects from the business analysis stages to project deployment.


In a nutshell I do software and web development, consultancy and provide SMS services. Here are some of the skills or services I can provide.


Cheap SMS

Integrate SMS delivery into any software or website and at rates that are cheaper than local mobile providers. Find out more


Phone integration

Ability to build voice applications to make and receive phone calls in your site or application.



Setting up a blog or website, developing a distributed, high-availability system; the chances are I've been there. Let me help.

Web development

Web development

From simple blogs and product showcases to full fledged portals and sites offering multiple services.

Software development


I've built both custom software for single clients and downloadable software used by thousands across Europe.



Nowadays a website is not complete unless it shows well on mobile phones and tablets. One should build for mobile first.



Services and Products face fierce competition online. Websites need to be designed from the get go to rank well in Search Engines.



Often neglected, but I think making sites accessible to everyone even helps making your site rank better in Search Engines.


Setup & Support

For those wanting something simple they can manage themselves, I'll help with the initial setup hurdles - hosting, buy a domain, setup email, etc...

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